For Spring/Summer 2019, Prada has invited a series of globally influential female creatives to collaborate, to devise items for women crafted from Prada’s emblematic nylon fabric.

A trio of leading female architects – Cini Boeri, Elizabeth Diller and Kazuyo Sejima - designed unique new pieces created from Prada nylon. Inspired by the qualities inherent in the fabric itself, and its place within Prada’s heritage, the items represent a new evolution of ’Prada Invites’, a series of collaborative projects with leading proponents of design revolving around the universe of Prada nylon first unveiled at the men’s and women’s Fall/Winter 2018 show. The notion of ’Prada Invites’ encompasses an examination of the intersectionality of design, exploring unexpected conversations between different disciplines.

Diller Scofidio + Renfro has designed two items: The Envelope and The Yoke. Elizabeth Diller commented, "The distinction between garments and accessories has always seemed odd to me. Why are they considered, displayed, and sold as two separate categories in two parts of the store? I love when the two have a bit more room to flirt and cross-pollinate. Can luggage be worn? I'd like to change that paradigm."

The Envelope

The garment bag is an underutilized piece of luggage that could have a double life as protective outerwear. This variation on the iconic garment bag could utilize both the durability and suppleness of Prada Nylon. The “Envelope would protect clothing for travel and then be worn over the clothed body as a raincoat. Utilitarian zippers and adjustable buckles facilitate a metamorphosis from bag to coat, from shapeless to self-tailored, adjusting to all body types. Invisible pockets store a hood and essentials for women who travel light.

The Yoke

Shoulders are the unsung part of the body—the workhorse limb lifting, pushing, and pulling the weight of everyday life. The “Yoke” is a modern re-interpretation of the shoulder-centric device, liberating it from associations with hard labor, hanging pails and baskets, to an epaulet of convenience, carrying sketchpads, sandwiches and lipstick. The pliability of Prada Nylon allows the Yoke to operate as a utilitarian, hands-free piece or collapsed, as a hand-held clutch with a buckle strap. With the Yoke, women can work dirty and play clean.

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Project information
Client         Prada
Team Elizabeth Diller,Andreas Kostopoulos,and Jedidiah Lau
    Photography by Prada