Pirelli 39


Pirelli 39 is located in the center of Milan’s Porta Nuova Gioia District in a strategic position between the Central Station and Scalo Farini, providing access to Porta Nuova from the north towards the city centre. P39 presents an opportunity to develop a new model of mixed-use development and sustainable urban growth. The project combines the adaptive reuse of heritage buildings with environmentally responsible new construction, and a vibrant ‘living’ cultural destination devoted to the art and science of plants.

The P39 project involves three components:

Regeneration of the existing Pirellino tower

The tower will be adapted to meet the current standards of office spaces in terms of innovation and sustainability. The renovation will maintain the building’s original character, while updating the structure to maximize efficiency.

Regeneration of the Pirellino Bridge building

The project creates a new cultural hub in the footprint of the existing separating wall, bridge building on Via Melchiorre Gioia. A biodiverse greenhouse space - dedicated to providing an immersive, educational, interactive and innovative experience of various plant species - will act as an extension of the neighboring Biblioteca degli Alberi park.

A new residential tower

1,700 square meters of vegetation, distributed across multiple floors will express the changing colors of the seasons through flora and fauna that will also absorb 14 tons of CO2 and produce 9 tons of oxygen per year - the equalivent output of a 10,000 square-meter forest. With 2,770 square meters of photovoltaic panels, the tower will be able to self-produce 65% of its energy needs. The building includes a wooden structure that will decrease its carbon footprint, including 1,800 cubic meters of wood floors that will save up to 3,600 tons of carbon dioxide in the construction phases.

Project information
Client         Coima
PartnersElizabeth Diller,Ricardo Scofidio,Charles Renfro,and Benjamin Gilmartin
Project LeadersMario Bastianelli,Matthew Uselman,and Charles Curran
TeamBrian Tabolt,Quentin (Kun Hin) Yiu,Quy Le,Alex Knezo,Fareez Giga,Jung Jae Suh,Sean Gallagher,Charles Berman,Andreas Kostopoulos,Michael Robitz,Jack Solomon,Diego Soto Madrinan,Adin Rimland,Radu Remus Macovei,Giannantonio Bongiorno,and James McNally
External credits
Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Stefano Boeri ArchitettiDesign Architects