The installation is modeled on Michel Serres’ three definitions of parasite: just as the biological parasite is physically opportunistic and feeds off its host organism, the installation steals its structural and electrical sustenance from its host site; just as the social parasite entertains its host to earn welcome at the dinner table, the installation offers the entertainment value of voyeurism to a public unwittingly drawn into an interrogation of vision; just as the technological parasite creates interference in an information network, the installation interrupts the systems of  the museum to interrogate it. The installation electronically links the Projects Room with three remote sites of circulation in the museum, linking self–conscious and unsuspecting viewers in a reflection about looking—the primary activity in the museum.

  • Doorway detail
    Doorway detail
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    Video still
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Location         MoMA Projects Series, New York, United States
TeamElizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio