Meat Dress



Meat Dress was created as an entry to the Miss Meatpacking District Gown Contest in New York City. The Meat Dress takes its host neighborhood—the Meatpacking District—as its inspiration. The Meatpacking District is an area on Manhattan’s far west side once characterized by its grit—a fringe neighborhood primarily known for its meat carcasses and leather bars. The Meat Dress outfit—comprised of a bodice of woven raw bacon and skirt of stitched pastrami—preceded Lady Gaga’s own meat dress debut at the MTV Video Music Awards five years later in 2010. Additional gown entries from other noted designers within the Meatpacking District and across the city included David Dalrymple for House of Field, Alexander McQueen, Diane von Furstenberg, Astrid Brucker, Dori O'Day, and Parrish for Destination.

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Project information
Location         Miss Meatpacking District Gown Contest, New York, United States