Alice Tully Hall



The re–design of Alice Tully Hall is intended to transform the venue from a good multi–purpose hall into a premiere chamber music venue with street identity and upgraded functionality for all performance needs. Tucked under The Juilliard School, the opaque base of Pietro Belluschi’s building is stripped away to reveal the hall’s outer shell. The sloped underside of Juilliard’s expansion serves as the canopy framing the hall, its expanded lobby and box office. A shear one–way cable net glass façade puts the hall on display. The liner of African moabi is tailored around all existing hall features and new programmatic elements to eliminate visual noise and illumination emerges from the wood skin the way a bioluminescent marine organism exudes an internal glow. A percentage of the wood liner is constructed of translucent custom–molded resin panels surfaced in veneer to match and blend seamlessly with the wood, binding the house and stage with light. Like the raising of a chandelier or the parting of a curtain signaling the start of performance, the blush will be part of the performance choreography: a hush will fall in the seconds of transition from distraction to attention when the blushing walls become the first performer. Alice Tully Hall was designed  Iin collaboration with FxFowle.

  • Lobby with fully glazed facade, as viewed from patron salon.
    Lobby with fully glazed facade, as viewed from patron salon.
  • Cafe and bar in lobby
    Cafe and bar in lobby
  • Lobby
  • Alice Tully Hall as seen from balcony
  • No description
  • Britten Sinfonia rehearsing in Alice Tully Hall
  • Stage detail
  • No description
  • Internal glow of wood skin
  • Alice Tully Hall as seen from the stage
  • View from 65th and Broadway before renovation and expansion
  • Entrance before renovation and expansion
  • Existing theater
Project information
Size (GSF)150000LocationAlice Tully Hall, New York, United States
PartnersElizabeth Diller,Ricardo Scofidio,Charles Renfro,and Benjamin Gilmartin
Project LeadersBenjamin Gilmartin,Anthony Saby,and Robert Condon
Project TeamKevin Rice,Stefan Gruber,Eric Howeler,Michael Hundsnurscher,Ben Mickus,Filip Tejchman,Josh Uhl,Chiara Baccarini,Mateo Antonio de Cardenas,Felipe Ferrer,Frank Gesualdi,Sebastian Guivernau,Rainer Hehl,Krists Karklins,Gaspar Libedinsky,and Shawn Mackinnon
External credits
FXFOWLE ArchitectsAssociate Architect
ArupStructural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
L'Observatoire InternationalLighting Design
JaffeHoldenAcoustic Consultants
Fisher Dachs Associates, Inc. Theater Consultants
2 x 4Graphics
Heintges & AssociatesCurtain Wall
Gehry TechnologiesBIM Modeling
Construction Specifications, Inc. Specifications
Jerome S. Gillman ConsultingCode Consultant
Van Deusen & AssociatesElevator Consultant
Aggleton & AssociatesSecurity Consultant
Architectural Woodwork IndustriesMillwork Adviser
Turner Construction CompanyConstruction Manager
    Photography by Iwan Baan and Sandor Acs